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Looking back on the remarkable journey I had with Sitecore in 2023!

Throughout the year, I immersed myself in various facets of Sitecore, seizing the opportunity to connect with brilliant minds within the community. This allowed me to not only expand my own knowledge but also share valuable insights with fellow Sitecore enthusiasts.

One of the highlights was the privilege of engaging with key aspects of Sitecore, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its majority parts. The experience was both enriching and fulfilling as I navigated through the intricacies of the platform.

Moreover, I had the honor of connecting with some of the industry's finest minds in Sitecore, fostering meaningful conversations and collaborations. These interactions contributed significantly to my own growth and allowed me to glean insights that I eagerly shared with the broader Sitecore community.

In this post, I'm excited to take you on a detailed journey through my year of Sitecore knowledge sharing and the various contributions I made to the Sitecore community.

Sharing my knowledge through blogs

I began blogging to share my insights and lessons learned from tackling development challenges and exploring Sitecore. My blog covers a range of Sitecore topics, including OrderCloud, Sitecore Docker Containers, XM Cloud, XM Cloud Plus, and Sitecore Headless.

Throughout the year, my blog has become more popular, averaging over 1,400 site sessions with 930 unique visitors.


Founding Sitecore User Group Coimbatore (SUGCBE)

I helped establish the Sitecore User Group called 'SUG Coimbatore' to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Sitecore experts, aiming to build a stronger community within the Sitecore network. It was a whole new experience for to collaborate with some of the greatest mind in Sitecore and helped community to gain knowledge from valuable person.


We have arranged below list of events though the SUG Coimbatore group

July 08 2023

Organizer for Architecture and APIs for Integrating JSS NextJs app event

Aug 19 2023

Organizer and Speaker for Exploring Sitecore Docker’s Journey Beyond Installation: Navigation Challenges and Practical Solutions event

Sep 30 2023

Organizer for Getting Started with Sitecore Experience Edge event

Oct 21 2023

Organizer for Experience Editor best practices with Sitecore MVC event

Oct 28 2023

Organizer for A Roadmap on Hosting Sitecore on Kubernetes event

Nov 04 2023

Organizer and Speaker for Transforming Sitecore with Next.js : Building and Deploying Dynamic Components event

Nov 09 2023

Organizer for Conversational AI: Building an Intelligent Chat Experience powered by Real-time Business Content/Data with OpenAI event

Events I presented

This year, I hosted two online events for various user groups. Collaborating with the community and sharing knowledge was a rewarding experience.

July 29 2023

Speaker for After Life of Sitecore Docker event at SUGPune community group.

Aug 09 2023

Speaker for Exploring Sitecore Docker’s Journey Beyond Installation: Navigation Challenges and Practical Solutions event at SUGCoimbatore community group

GitHub Contributions

I've started sharing the modules I developed with the community. You can find them in my GitHub repository at the following link

Bugs / Issues found and fixed in Sitecore GitHub repo.

Social Media Contribution

I actively participate in different social media channels such as LinkedIn, the Sitecore Community Slack channel, and Sitecore Stack Exchange. On these platforms, I share insights, offer suggestions, and provide solutions to community members' queries, drawing from my knowledge and experience.

LinkedIn Profile:

My LinkedIn Contributions to Sitecore This Year:

StackExchange Contributions:

LinkedIn Content Performance:

LinkedIn Content Perfomance.png

Goals for upcoming year

In the coming year, I aim to enhance my skills in the following areas:

  • Acquiring in-depth understanding of the latest Sitecore topics, including Sitecore Headless, XM Cloud, XM Cloud Plus, AI with Sitecore, and DXP.

  • Sharing my knowledge of Sitecore with community members through various social media channels and presenting in SUGs

  • Producing educational content on both advanced and foundational Sitecore topics.

  • Arrange additional events via the SUG group to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Seek certifications in various Sitecore products to improve proficiency.

It has been a fantastic year in my career, offering an enriching learning experience. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me and acknowledged my contributions to the community. Wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead!

Happy Sitecoring!!!

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