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Sitecore OrderCloud Headstart Installation Guide – Part 7

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Getting Started with Sitecore OrderCloud Headstart: A Local Installation Guide Series

This blog post will guide you through the process of setting up and running the Buyer UI Application. The steps are similar to running the Seller UI application, with just a few changes.

  • Go to the src\UI\Buyer\src\environments\environment.local.ts file.

  • Update the necessary values in the file.

const localBuyerApiClient = 'Buyer_Client_Id_From_Seed_Response, 
const useLocalMiddleware = true const useLocalBuyerApiClient = true // set to true for running integration events locally 
const localMiddlewareURL = 'Your_Local_Middleware_URL'
  • Save the file

  • Go to the src\UI\Buyer\src\assets\appConfigs\defaultbuyer-test.json

  • Update the necessary values in the file

  • Save the file

  • Navigate to src\UI\Buyer\ from Visual Studio Terminal

  • After navigating to the buyer application directory, run the below command in the terminal window to install the necessary dependencies for the Buyer UI Application

npm install
  • Some might encounter the below error while running the above command

  • To resolve this run the below command which resolves the issue

npm config set legacy-peer-deps true
  • Then clean the cache and run npm install

npm cache clean --force  
npm install
  • Now you’ll able to install the dependencies without any issue

  • On successful installation use npm run start to start the Buyer UI application

  • The Buyer UI Application will start and it launches on the browser


The installation of OrderCloud Headstart application has been successfully completed on the local environment. Now, you can explore and experiment with the solution.

Have fun Sitecoring!



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