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Sitecore OrderCloud Headstart Installation Guide – Part 5

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

In our previous blog, we set up and configured the Middleware Project locally. In this blog, we will cover seeding our OrderCloud data and installing the dependencies for the Buyer and Seller app.

Seeding the OrderCloud data

  • Prior to launching the Buyer and Seller application, it is essential to configure additional data.

  • The Seed API must be seeded to start the marketplace data needed for the Buyer and Seller App

  • Open the Swagger UI in your web browser (as described in our previous blog)

  • Expand the “EnvironmentSeed” section

  • Select the “Seed” request

  • Update the request body by clicking the “Try it out” button

  • Send the request

  • Wait for the request to complete (approximately 1 minute)

  • On successful completion, you will receive the following response

  • Copy the required values from the response to fill in the appSettings.json file

"OrderCloudSettings:MiddlewareClientID":"{Middleware Client Id}",
"OrderCloudSettings:MiddlewareClientSecret":"{Middleware Client Secret}",
"OrderCloudSettings:ClientIDsWithAPIAccess":"{Buyer Client Id},{Sellet Client Id}"
  • Check the API console by sending a GET request to “GET\adminusers”.

  • This will display the list of Admin users and other required details in your marketplace.

Remembering the Initial Admin Credentials

  • After verifying the API seeding results, take note of the Initial Admin Username and Password.

  • These credentials will be required in later steps of the software installation process.

Installing and Building the Headstart SDK

In order to run both the Buyer and Seller applications, a shared SDK is necessary. The SDK, located in the “src/UI/SDK” directory of the codebase, is used to communicate with the Middleware API. Before you can run the Buyer or Seller apps, you must first install the dependencies and build the SDK project. This is an important step in the installation process, as the SDK is a crucial component for proper functioning of the applications.

  • Open the Headstart codebase in Visual Studio Code

  • Open the terminal window in Visual Studio Code.

  • In the terminal window, navigate to the SDK directory in “src/UI/SDK”.

  • Run the command to install the necessary dependencies.

npm install
  • Once the dependencies have been installed, run the command to build the SDK project.

npm run build

We’ve made significant progress in setting up the environment and installing necessary dependencies for our OrderCloud local setup. This includes seeding the environment and building the Headstart SDK. In our next blog, we’ll take the next step by setting up the necessary settings to run the Seller UI Application.


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